• Community Outreach
  • Community Outreach


    Empower Students of government schools with the skills for self-development and future employability through holistic and innovative learning programs

    Sustainable Infrastructure

    Drive Positive change by providing infrastructure based solutions to Enhance basic amenities around Embassy communities

    Community Engagement

    Champion initiatives through collaborative projects that Engage clients, employees, residents, government and external stakeholders for community development

    Corporate Connect

    Champion collective action to Engage and Empower a larger number of beneficiaries.

    Corporate Connect

    To build a sustainable ecosystem and actively contribute to the Social, Economic, and Environmental Development of the communities where we operate in.


    "Quality education is very important to build a better society. The limited resources pose a challenge to achieve this goal. Hence, it is necessary to have participation of private players to improve the current education system. I appeal to all corporate groups to contribute by utilizing the funds under Corporate Social Responsibility."

    PC Jaffer

    Commissioner for Public Instruction,
    Government of Karnataka

    “At Embassy, we believe that each child must attain an excellent education and that sheer demographics must not determine a child’s destiny. That’s why we must focus on reducing educational inequalities while ensuring educational quality and depth across the social spectrum. We have decided to adopt certain government schools, help them by infusing extra teachers, providing uniforms, and a lot of educational programs that get students interested in coming to school, thereby increasing attendance. Our initiatives with our corporate occupiers is an extension of our work in education and we look forward in broadening that through our corporate connect program.”

    Jitu Virwani

    Embassy Group

    “Embassy Group has always had a big focus on education, in the geographies in and around our business parks. We always supported schools, now we have 17 schools and 7000 students that we’ve been supporting over the years. This year however has been focused on partnering with the occupiers in our business parks. We work with local NGOs, which are experts in their fields, to manage projects, execute and organise. Thus, we try to become the facilitators, as opposed to doing things by ourselves and leverage our relations with our corporate occupiers to positively impact the communities around our business parks.”

    Mike Holland

    CEO of Embassy Office Parks,
    Embassy Group

    “We have a strong vision to build a fine social infrastructure and sustainable ecosystem in and around the communities we serve. We therefore actively reach out to corporates to collaborate in undertaking various transformative community service initiatives and we see a great amount of scope for collaboration in the future, particularly with our occupiers here in the parks and outside of it. Effective partnerships between industry, as well as foundations, NGOs and the government put social development on a fast track. We believe that collaboration is the path forward – if everyone branches out from their individual silos, we can work to close the gaps and create long-term change.”

    Shaina Ganapathy

    Head of Community Outreach
    Embassy Group

    “I have seen many government schools and monitored many government schools as well. But my school is a special school, because of what Embassy and Colours of Life has done for it. The programs they run in our school have greatly helped our students. They have learned a lot of what’s necessary to lead a good life. Students from our area are very poor and have poor living conditions – with the help of these activities, they are growing well. SSLC results have improved, simultaneously attendance and admissions have also improved. Students have begun to opt for higher studies as well.”

    Aswathnarayan KN

    Pottery Town Government Secondary School

    “According to me, spoken English is very important. English as a whole is very important – because English is a window to the world. At first, I did not know how to speak English at all, but after coming to the Government High School, Cox Town – supported by the Embassy Group and Colours of Life, our English teacher and ILM sir helped me learn English properly. They improved my writing and helped me study better. I look forward to the future, since studying English gives me the opportunity to take good subjects in college such as Science and Engineering.”


    Cox Town Government High School



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